Friday, May 4, 2012

#2 Ugly Flowers

You have probably heard the expression "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". That's generally true, but when it comes to flowers, it's different.

Let's think about ugly flowers. Stop a minute and imagine some of all the different kinds of flowers you have seen. How many would you say are ugly? Out of say 100 different flowers, how many would you say are ugly? 1, maybe 2, maybe even 0.

I tried to find out how many different kinds of flowers there are. But nobody really knows. This comes from

"Our planet supports more than a thousand species of flowers. How many different types of flowers actually exist is still not known because they are so diverse." says this:

"The total number of described flower species exceeds 230,000, and many tropical species are as yet unnamed." says this:

"According to the scientists opinion there are more than 270,000 types of flowers. And each flower in his own way is beautiful and unusual and brings a part of pleasure into your life in order to make it happier."

Here are some sample pictures of flowers. You don't have enough time in your day to look at all the pictures you can find on the Internet:







Of all the flowers you have ever seen in your life, do you remember ANY as being ugly? Probably you might rate some of them as just plain and ordinary, but ugly would be extremely rare. Even the lowly dandelion, hated by many, was beautiful to you when you were a child.

And even those flowers that seem so plain to you, I bet you could find some person that says that exact one is their favorite.

If evolution were true, what are the odds by random chance that out of 270,000 different types of flowers, there are no ugly flowers? The odds must be staggeringly astronomical. 

Now there are certainly many ugly bugs. There are some pretty ugly animals and fish too. But there are no ugly flowers.

When someone gives you flowers, what is the first emotion that comes to you? The flowers symbolize that they are giving you affection...they like you. Children will do it without being taught.

Imagine that there is a person that makes up 270,000 bouquets of flowers, one for each type, and gives them all to you. What would that feel like? What do you imagine that person would be trying to express to you?

Duh. He/She would be expressing the most amazing, enormous, overwhelming love for you.

For those of us who know God, behind every single one of those flowers is the love God has for me and for you. His love for us motivated the creation of those flowers.

That's why there are no ugly flowers. They are gifts from a loving God.

There must be a God. 


  1. I agree, their beauty always amazes me

  2. This is a good one Jim. My wife Alice and me read your blog every couple days. I am very happy you are preparing this book. I will buy two copies when you are ready to sell them. I always respected your work and prayers ever since the ministers seminars in Korea. Thank you. We will keep reading.

  3. How about the following research.
    1. Trees communicating with each other, even communicating danger.
    2. Plants that recognize other plants of their kind as family
    3. Plants in a forest canopy that send out roots to smaller plants who cannot benefit from the sunlight. Mommy feeding children?
    4. Plants responding to music.
    5. Certain music creating beautiful patterns while some make garbage. God created with sound and EM spectra is all the same to God and His "nothing" used for creation
    I Love God!!! I am a fan!!