Friday, May 11, 2012

#4 Order of Assembly

Have you noticed that most things in life that you buy will come with an instruction booklet?

All around you there are signs and directions telling you how to do things in the right order or the right way.

Obviously, to be successful at many, many things, you will have to do them in a particular sequence or you get poor results or nothing at all.

Simple machines don’t require a lot of instructions. However, as the machines get more and more complicated, the instructions become more and more complicated as well. At a certain point, you are not allowed to do certain things unless you are trained and certified. Take for example brain surgery or piloting an airplane.

In order to assemble something correctly, it takes intelligence. You can give a monkey all the pieces to build a Lego submarine, but he’s not going to accidentally build it in your lifetime and I’ll take odds on eternity. And monkeys are among the smartest of animals.

To correctly assemble something, you have to not only put the pieces in the right PLACE, but you also have to place them in the right ORDER. If you don’t get the position and the sequence correct, then the construction will fail.

Imagine the blueprints for building the Empire State Building. First you have to dig a huge hole in the ground and then each step of the way up you would need directions how to lay in all the water pipes, the electricity wires, the plumbing, the air ducts, the heating ducts, on and on.  

A human being is sort of similar to a building. We have nerves (like electrical wires), lungs and blood for moving air, water, food, and waste; heating and air conditioning systems. If you were to try to create the “blueprints” for a human body, do you think it would be more or less complicated than the blueprints for the Empire State Building? Absolutely, the human body is 100’s if not 1000’s of times more complicated than a building. The human body changes and grows. It replaces itself cell by cell. It moves around.

The human body is actually “assembled”. I’m sure you have seen books or videos of fertilization and growth of an embryo. That’s a clear pattern of assembly going on piece by piece and in a certain planned sequence.

Was there an intelligence that put that all together? It’s incomprehensible how it could have happened without intelligence.

There must be God.

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