Saturday, July 7, 2012

#11 Purpose

Every movement you make has some kind of purpose. Every sound that comes out of your mouth is for a reason. Every item in the room you are sitting in was created for a purpose.

"What is my purpose in life?" is a nagging question from childhood for many of us. A person with no purpose is a sad sight.

Why does everything have purpose? It makes absolutely no sense that a totally random and accidental process resulted in a everything that exists having a purpose.

Our minds even go so far as to demand that things have a purpose. What happens to something that you determine has no purpose? That's right, you throw it away.

If something has no purpose, then it has no value. In other words, it is worthless. A person who surrounded himself with worthless objects would be considered crazy.

If you use a certain tool in your profession and a better tool is invented for the same purpose, you switch to using the new tool. We are constantly evaluating everything according to how well it fulfills some desired purpose.

If it exists, it must have a purpose. Our brains cannot think any other way.

How could this be? Something totally invisible, i.e. purpose, is applied to all materials in the world. Could this have originated exclusively from the materials themselves?

Where does an object's purpose come from? Purpose comes from the creator of an object. If you come across some machine and you don't know what it's for, who do you ask?

When you find God, you find your purpose. That's because He is the creator.

There must be a God.

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