Saturday, July 21, 2012

#14 Empty Space

Scientists tell us that we are made up of mostly empty space. In an atom, there is the nucleus surrounded by the electron(s) which has a form with properties similar to both a wave and a particle.

How much space is there? The current estimate is that the atom is 99.9999999999999% empty space. There are 13 decimal places to the right of the decimal point.

All of the matter of all the humans on the earth could fit inside a sugar cube with room to spare.[1]

To get some perspective, take a grain of rice representing an atomic nucleus and place it at the center of a football or baseball field in a large stadium. Then the seats on the outer limits of the stadium would be similar to the area of the electron field of the grain of rice nucleus. However, you need to think about the stadium as being a sphere and not just a horizontal structure, which makes the empty space a whole lot greater.

If you took all of the space out of your body, you’d instantly disappear and it would take a high powered microscope to find you.

Some scientists aren’t even sure if there are really protons and electrons any more. Maybe it’s all just energy.

Everything that we experience as hard, cold “reality” is not. It’s empty space mostly. A tiny, tiny fraction of it may be energy.

Actually we could say that everything is really mostly nothing…empty space.

Everything that we are experiencing as something is because of the amount of energy it has which is oriented in a certain way that we can interact with it and experience it.

Without the form that is given to the energy and the invisible laws and principles that operate on the energy, everything would simply collapse into nothing.

Where did the invisible form, laws, and principles come from? And for that matter, where did the energy come from?

If there is an original source before any of this, even time and space, that must be God.

Energy, time, space, laws and principles, all came from that original source at the same instant.

Can any rational mind really believe that all of this minutely and exquisitely ordered, vastly consistent, awesomely beautiful, extraordinarily complex, and ultimately understandable universe is totally the result of “it just happened.” 

Where did it all come from?

Simple, there must be a God.


[1]   cosmologist and writer Marcus Chown

[1] also.  Interview with Marcus Chown.
“That’s because the atoms out of which you are made are 99.9999999999999 per cent empty space. I don’t feel like a ghost. But I am. And so are you!

Of course, the person who discovered this was… Ernest Rutherford, assisted by Ernest Marsden. A fitting point to end this Q&A on since, of course, they were both New Zealanders!

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