Saturday, December 29, 2012

#26 The Things In Your Room

Look around you in the room that you are sitting in. You could probably identify 1000 different objects in most rooms.

These pictures are from a Google Images search for “my room”.

Pick just one object and imagine backwards in time as far back as you can regarding that object and the process it went through from the very beginning until it came to exist in your room.

Let’s say you bought it at a store. Somehow it got to that store from the manufacturer which could be as far away as the other side of the earth, like China.

There may be hundreds of ingredients that were brought together from various sources by the manufacturer. Is it wood, plastic, metal, or something else? Where did that raw material originate? 

How did it get its color? Was it artificially colored? By what? What was that process? 

What about the shape of the object? Was it random?

I’m sure you cannot imagine it got that form randomly. Almost absolutely you will know that some intelligent person designed the look and feel and components of that object. He or she designed it over time after much thought and many developmental stages. Blueprints of some kind were made for the construction engineers and the manufacturing process.

Some intelligent person probably laid out an assembly line process and the exact sequence to build the object. Intelligent workers were brought in for each stage of the process. Maybe there were a large number of intricate parts to be assembled, some by machines, some manually. Imagine the sophistication of those machines.

I once watched a documentary on TV about how a simple pencil is mass produced. Once I saw one about potato chips.

Looking again around your room at all of the objects, you know for sure that the most complicated ones were the most difficult to produce. The most complicated objects required the most highly intelligent people to create them.

Ask yourself if there is even one single object in your room that is totally the result of accident and randomness? Is there one single item in your room that exists there which has no purpose? Is there any object that exists which was not caused by intelligent beings?

Nobody in their right mind would argue that any object in your room occurred randomly or by accident with just one exception.

The exception is YOU. Atheists and evolutionists believe that YOU came to exist by accident.

YOU, the most extraordinarily complicated entity in your room (in fact, in the entire universe), somehow got there by accident and a random assembly process.



There must be God.

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