Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#33 Caveman Paintings

Have you ever seen pictures of paintings that were done on the walls of ancient caves? Here you can see an example.
Those markings on the walls have been there for thousands and thousands of years. Who could know how they really got there? People can only take educated guesses, right?

Many people assert with absolute certainty that cavemen painted those formations on the walls. But just maybe the similarity to men or animals is just totally accidental. Maybe we can come up with some explanation about rain water carrying different colored minerals swept into the caves by water so we don't have to assume humans did it. How do we know for sure that intelligent beings created those formations?

Scientists must be using some criteria in order to decide with certainty that those supposed drawings were made by intelligent beings.

Now I'm going to show you a series of pairs of pictures. Of each pair I want you to choose which one of the two most definitely had an intelligent creator and which picture is of something that came to exist totally by accident WITHOUT any intelligence involved.

If you said that the being pictured in the second one of each pair had NO intelligent creator, then you would be in agreement with the evolutionists and the atheists, the ones who think they are so smart. They believe that horses came to exist accidentally, but that paintings of horses could only originate from an intelligence like a human being. Etc., etc.

Come on!!! It's patently obvious to me that everything in the pictures above show signs of an intelligent designer. The beings in the second pictures required an intelligence thousands or millions of times greater than the ones who painted the caveman drawings.

A person can deny the obvious for as long and as loud as they want, but they can't change the truth.

There has to be God.