Sunday, September 22, 2013

#43 Sucking and Breast Milk

I think you know that all mammal babies are born with the innate instinctive sucking ability. How could that ability have evolved slowly, simply, gradually over millions of years and many generations?

If a baby doesn’t come out of the womb knowing how to suck already, then within a matter of hours it will be dead. There is no trial and error over many generations. There is no survival of the fittest because there is no survival. It’s life or death at birth.

The Theory of Evolution is very seductive because they always use words like “simple”, “easy”, “slow”, “gradual”, “many generations”, “great periods of time”, etc. But behind it all is only faith and assumptions. Evolution of higher ordered species from lower ones has never been scientifically observed nor demonstrated in a laboratory. The Theory of Evolution is a religion of faith in lifeless chemicals.

If you have had children and you breastfed them, you were certainly amazed that the baby immediately knew how to start sucking. There was no learning process. We even have pictures from in the womb of the baby sucking his/her thumb.

The process of a mother producing milk for a new born baby is a miracle in itself. The appearance of milk and the baby sucking it was definitely designed by an intelligent being.

Most of her life a female mammal does not have any milk to give no matter what she might try. Through a miraculous process of hormonal changes triggered by interactions with the growing fetus, the production of breast milk gets started at just the right time.

When the baby is born, milk is ready to start flowing when the baby starts sucking.

How could a slow, gradual process over may generations produce milk at precisely the moment when the infant starts sucking? It has no special survival benefit for the mother, only the baby. How does mutation or natural selection account for producing breast milk? The whole process makes the mother much more vulnerable to predators.

If the milk comes at the wrong time, the baby dies. If the baby does not suck, it will die. There doesn’t seem to be any room for trial and error. It’s success or death. Many generations of developing breast feeding over millions and millions of years cannot cut it. There are too many obstacles to be overcome.

The very first creature to exist of each mammal species had to have this ability. It could not have developed separately over long periods of time on each branch of the evolutionist so-called tree of life.

The whole process of milk being produced and baby sucking is very, very complicated and has to work out simultaneously and be successful at the birth of the very first baby of each species.

Scientific research is also finding out some amazing benefits of breastfeeding babies. Some of the health benefits for the baby that have been determined are: fewer illnesses and stronger immune system; less constipation and diarrhea; better stools and digestion; less allergies; lower diabetes risk; antibodies that protect against infection; all the nutritional needs of the baby during first 6 months; stronger vision;
protection against ear infections; better mental development, higher IQ and less antisocial behavior; better mouth formation for less speech problems; less eczema; improved bone quality; healthier hair; increased independence and emotional stability; eases frustrations and daily stresses.

Amazingly enough, there are also great benefits for the mother as well. Here are some that researchers have discovered: stronger bones for later in life; lower risk of osteoporosis, anemia, and arthritis; lower risk of breast cancer; lower risk of cardiovascular disease; lower risk of ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and endometrial cancer; natural bonding and closeness with the baby; helps the uterus return to normal size in a timely manner.

All these extremely valuable benefits must have been working from the very first baby that sucked.

Every father and mother knows that the mother’s body went through all kinds of complicated and miraculous changes when she was pregnant. She had no control over that. If she was the smartest woman in the world, could she have told her body all the right things to do so that baby could be born and survive? Absolutely not. It was all controlled by a much higher intelligence.

There must be God.

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