Sunday, December 15, 2013

#47 Gratitude

I just recently celebrated the American holiday of Thanksgiving where we get together with loved ones and spend the day being grateful for our many blessings. Several people that I spoke to during the following week remarked how it was now their favorite holiday. They have a lot of quality time with loved ones and feel so appreciative afterwards. Christmas on the other hand has become so overly commercialized and materialistic. Thoughts are about what I don’t have, what I need, what I want, what can I get, and how much I have to spend on others. There is such a vast contrast in the two holidays and the kind of feelings that come out.

Science now can tell us why. Research that has been done on the energies of the heart and the brain have been able to demonstrate which types of thoughts are beneficial and which ones are harmful.[1]

Energies of the heart are now able to be detected up to 6 to 8 feet from the body. And those energies are also able to be picked up by other people near you. Those energies can affect others positively or negatively.

Researchers are even looking into ways of reprogramming our DNA by positive energies and thoughts.[2]

Feelings of gratitude are at the very top of the list for creating what is being called “heart coherence”. This energy is healthier for all of the organs of your body. You perform better at physical tests. You have more energy. You are more creative. And you make better decisions.

What is gratitude and where does it come from? Why would this kind of energy have all those benefits? Why does being generous and thinking good thoughts about others lead to wonderful benefits for you as well.

No matter how great your accomplishments are, you don’t feel gratitude to yourself. Gratitude can only be felt in relationship with someone or something outside of yourself. Most often it is toward a person or persons for a benefit they have provided you.

In fact, to go one step further about these energies, if you harm another person, there are negative energies created that eventually are harmful to you also.

If some benefit that comes your way is the result of what seems to be just “blind luck” or pure accident, then the gratitude you feel is minimal if at all. You can’t be grateful to nothing.

That’s why the origins of gratitude cannot be explained by evolution and materialism, which are just blind accidental forces. You do not feel gratitude from a random mutation. “I was so grateful that I accidentally was born.” It doesn’t happen.

Believers in a Creator are able to experience one of the most profound feelings in the depths of their souls, namely gratitude to God. Think of the last time you experienced a feeling of profound gratitude. This probably inspired a natural desire to share the feeling with others and generously give out from the abundance you experienced.

Non-believers cannot experience gratitude in relation to their source of life. Therefore, they are denied in their soul an energy vibration that is very healing and healthful.

There exists research that shows that believers are happier people and they are healthier people and they get along better with others. Naturally it is controversial and disputed by non-believers. So I don’t claim it’s a scientific proof, just a lot of anecdotal experience. [3]

How you view your own origins makes a huge difference in how you view the world. Did you come from a loving, caring, extremely intelligent, and parental source? Or did you come along accidentally starting from rocks and chemical soup and amoebas?

The energy of gratitude and generosity and the laws they follow are invisible, universal, and eternal. They did not accidentally arise at some point along an evolutionary timeline. They existed from the beginning. Where did they come from? How could they exist if there was no original designer that put in place laws of mutual benefit and relationship?

If “survival of the fittest” were a true law, then research on energy would show that struggle and conflict would produce good health, but they don’t. It’s just the opposite.

There must be a God.

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2. Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies.

3. Believers are happier than atheists.

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  1. Your doing a great job here. Seems we felt an urg to post about the same issue. I work and speak with Young Life here. As blog is mobile compatible, the iPhone the students use work nice with this site. see my work @ It has an emphasis on Geology and me 30+ years working that field in mining. Keep up the good work!