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#50 Scientists Are Wrong A Lot Of The Time

If you think back over the history of science, you will recognize that many, many times the scientists have been wrong. One might even be able to make the case that they are usually wrong.

Do they think they are wrong at the time? No. They think they are right with almost absolute certainty, just like today. The scientists who thought the earth was the center of the universe not only believed they were right, they violently opposed Galileo when he said the Earth revolved around the Sun. Why did they do that?

To have some fun and surprises you might check out some of the websites about major mistakes that scientists have made in the past: Top 10 Science Mistakes [1], Top 10 Disproven Theories [2], Why Most Published Research Findings Are False [3], Most Scientific Theories Are Wrong. [4]

For some more fun, check out on these websites for some of the more famous quotes by science and world leaders who were wrong: It’ll Never Work [5], Incorrect Predictions [6], Predictions-Quotes.[7]

Try naming any scientific breakthrough that was not strongly opposed. In fact, I would make the case that the strongest opposition usually comes shortly before the new idea gains wide acceptance because that is when the opponents fight the hardest to stop it. Check out the history of the locomotive, electricity, automobiles, airplanes, television, radio, and computers to name a few.

Do you think that scientists all jumped on board with Einstein and instantly accepted the theory of relativity? Maybe there was no heated debate and angry words. Wrong. That’s not how it works.

Einstein himself admitted that he had made a big mistake after refusing for years to accept that the universe is expanding. He even went so far as to fudge his formula to avoid the new truth and account for data outside his pet theory. In the end he called this his “greatest mistake”.[8]

Have you heard that the sum total of knowledge in the world is doubling every 12 months (and on its way to every 12 hours)? [9] Incredible. Obviously we don’t know it all, do we? Ask any honest scientist and he/she will admit that there are a lot of things they don’t know in their chosen field…maybe even more than they think they already know.

We tend to think that we know it all today, the full and complete truth. Only those people in the past were ignorant, but not us. Not even close.

We tend to think that truth is always accumulating in a straight line and always going upward, new truth gets added on top of old truth and they always agree with each other. Nope. New truth will often turn out to be significantly opposed to the old truth. New truth will contradict the old “truth” because the two are incompatible.

One of the “most influential philosophers in science of the 20th century” is probably someone you never heard of. His name is Thomas S. Kuhn [10] and in 1962 he wrote a book called The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. He is the one who popularized the term “paradigm shift”.

“According to Kuhn the development of a science is not uniform but has alternating ‘normal’ and ‘revolutionary’ (or ‘extraordinary’) phases. The revolutionary phases are not merely periods of accelerated progress, but differ qualitatively from normal science.”

…anomalies are ignored or explained away if at all possible. It is only the accumulation of particularly troublesome anomalies that poses a serious problem for the existing disciplinary matrix. A particularly troublesome anomaly is one that undermines the practice of normal science. [11]

He explained historically how science only progresses in a straight line for periods of time and then a revolution takes place when there is growing uneasiness with the “truth” because it doesn’t explain the new data.

This is exactly what is happening to the Theory of Evolution. The theory is not able to explain the data very well any more.

“Like all other scientific theories, Darwinian evolution must be continually compared with the evidence. If it does not fit the evidence, it must be reevaluated or abandoned--otherwise it is not science, but myth.”

“If the icons of evolution are supposed to be our best evidence for Darwin's theory, and all of them are false or misleading, what does that tell us about the theory? Is it science, or myth?”[12]

99.9% of all known fossils have been discovered since the time of Darwin, but his “missing links” have never been found. [13] The same goes for the two forces of mutation [14] and natural selection.[15] They are failures at experimentally producing any new species. Now we see the Theory of Intelligent Design emerging in opposition. We also see it is being almost violently opposed. Adherents of Evolution want Intelligent Design people to shut up and are trying to get their jobs taken away.[16] They vilify esteemed atheists who change their minds. [17]

I predict Intelligent Design will win the battle because it better explains the data.

If you look on the horizon, you can see other revolutions in thinking and “truth” that are coming. For example, look at all the books being writing by very distinguished and credible people who have lived through and returned from a “near death experience”.[18] Many others are now coming forward to testify to their own experiences of life after death. It is showing up more and more on television and in movies. Eventually it will be undeniable.

Another example is in the fields of psychology and medicine. Research is making amazing advances in alternative methods of healing that are more successful. Most people are unaware of what is happening below the surface and out of the public media. Individuals like Mahendra Trivedi are popping up around the world. Over 4,000 scientific experiments have verified his energy healing abilities. [19]

Once it is established that there is life after death, a huge paradigm shift will take place in the world and how people live their lives. Perhaps it will be gradual but the world will change tremendously as people adjust to the idea that they will live forever and the way they act in this life will determine what happens to them in the next.

These developments and discoveries are not random. There is an invisible, intelligent force at work behind the scenes working with the people who are making these discoveries. That being is the origin of this knowledge and is helping it be revealed to the world.

There is God and He/She will eventually be known by all of us, even a reluctant scientist.

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