Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#55 Jigsaw Puzzles

I’m sure you must know what a jigsaw puzzle is. Probably you have put together many in your life starting from really simple ones with maybe only four pieces when you were a child.

Some of the most challenging jigsaw puzzles can get up to 1,000 pieces or more and take hours and hours to put together.

Piece by piece you put them together. For the whole puzzle there is only one way to put it together. The two pieces that are supposed to fit together next to each other must be arranged that way or the whole puzzle will not be correct. No two pieces are interchangeable. Every piece has exactly one other piece that fits on each side.

Once the puzzle is completely put together, then you can see the whole picture. There is a total uniqueness of each of the individual pieces, but they make up an intricately interconnected whole design.

When they assemble a jigsaw puzzle, most people look at the picture on the box. Why? It’s because it helps them to know the overall design and get an idea of where certain features and pieces go. This makes the assembly easier. Imagine how much harder it would be if you never ever saw the picture on the box and didn’t know what you were making. It would be a lot harder.

Now imagine how much harder it would be if there were no picture glued on the pieces to start with. In other words, all the puzzle pieces are the same color or blank. That probably makes putting the puzzle together 10 or even 100 times more difficult.

Not let’s go another step more difficult. Take 5 or 6 different puzzles with no pictures and mix up all the pieces. How much longer would it take you, an above average intelligent being, to correctly assemble all those 5 or 6 puzzles?

Here’s the point. The Theory of Evolution is essentially saying that in the beginning there are only pieces of the puzzle. There is no big picture. Somehow, magically the pieces are assembled into this amazingly interconnected, complex universe.

In my article on DNA [1], I talked about how the human genome has 3 billion characters. Every living being has its own genome with hundreds of thousands or billions of characters uniquely arranged. In my article on Trophic Cascade [2] I talked about the intricate interconnectedness of every living creature in nature from the top of the food chain down to the organisms in the dirt. In my article on the Moon [3], I talked about the incredible precision of its placement in the sky and beneficial effects on the Earth. Those are just some examples and there are hundreds more.

Now think of a jigsaw puzzle with 3 billion pieces that you are trying to assemble. It would take a while wouldn’t it, especially if there were no pictures on the pieces? But, now the most important part, try to subtract any and all intelligence before the assembly starts. Without any intelligence, how long will it take to assemble the picture?

We know that just in nature on Earth alone there are way more than 3 billion pieces of complexity. That’s not to mention the rest of Universe. There are 8,000,000 to 100 million species of living beings [4] which each have their own DNA. All of those millions of species are intricately connected within their local ecosystems which magnifies the complexity in quantum leaps.

Evolutionists believe all of this came about without any intelligence anywhere to be seen.

Someday maybe they’ll step back and see the big picture. When you see an amazing design, you know there must be a designer, even if you don’t see him.

There must be God.

[2] Proof for God #54, Trophic Cascades and Wolves. http://101proofsforgod.blogspot.com/2014/03/54-trophic-cascades.html

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