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#64 Missing Links

I’m sure you have heard of the term “Missing Link” and understand that it refers to missing fossils in the fossil record that would show the transitional stages between certain species according to the Theory of Evolution. The theory predicts which species are the ancestors of other species and that there was a slow and gradual transition with intermediate generations.

Did you ever stop to think deeply about how many Missing Links there truly must be? Even just a rough guess? If you look at the imaginative drawings of evolutionists, you might suppose that there are just one or two Missing Links. But that could not be further from the truth. I intend to show you in this article that there would necessarily be billions of Missing Links if evolution were true. Thus it isn't true and God is behind the creation of each species.

There are so many Missing Links that honest scientists should have discarded the Theory of Evolution a hundred years ago for that reason alone. But they have clung to a God denying ideology while still claiming to be scientific against all the evidence.

Take a look at this Wikipedia page of Missing Links which they call Transitional Fossils. [1] Many of the so-called missing links are drawings. A drawing is not a missing link and it is not scientific. They base these drawings mostly on their imaginations because all they have are a few bones and no complete skeletons. Go down the page of so-called missing links and count how many are incomplete, inconclusive, speculative, or controversial. That is not good science.

Let’s take a simple example of “evolving” from a monkey foot to a man’s foot. Evolution is supposed to take place by slow gradual mutations over many generations and Natural Selection acts on the results to weed out the new species or feature that is "fittest". I previously wrote articles on the Truth about Mutation [2] and Natural Selection [3] and showed these processes are a FAIL and will not work. But let’s just suppose for the sake of this article that they did work as theorized. What would you get? I contend there would have to be millions upon millions of fossils we don't have and therefore these are Missing Links. There are too many Missing Links to call evolution a reasonable theory.

Using a slow and gradual transition, exactly how many intermediate foot shapes are needed to get from an ape foot to a human foot? The exact number is certainly higher than 10 or 20, don’t you think? Note that the shape of the feet are different. The toes are different (especially the big toe). The heels are different. And the ankle has changed a lot necessarily because a human walks upright. For each small change in the foot according to evolution theory there was a living being with that type of foot who produced descendants. Probably, in fact, there had to be more than one generation for each small change. Therefore, that living being with a transitional foot could have been fossilized like any ape or human that was. None have been found. Therefore, they must all be considered Missing Links.

Just considering the foot alone, there have to be many generations of Missing Links. Now think about other parts of the ape body transitioning to the human body. Consider the pelvis. [4][5] There are many, many changes to transition through in the pelvic area to be able to walk upright. This is also true for the neck. There are major changes to the skull, the chest, the arms, the hands, the spine, and just about every other part. For an ape ancestor body to be modified into that of a human, there are going to be thousands upon thousands of changes. Therefore, there are thousands upon thousands of generations of Missing Links, not just one or two individuals.

Here’s another equally important point to consider. According to evolution, mutation produces many variations of a given species and then Natural Selection weeds out the fittest one to survive. Think about how many variations existed but did not advance as the “chosen” one. Random mutation by definition must have produced hundreds if not thousands of “mistakes” or “mutants” that lived and died but were not on the direct line from ape to human. These beings lived and died but they were not part of the “fittest” which eventually resulted in humans.

All those mutants lived. Maybe they didn't reproduce much, but they could have been fossilized. Where are they in the fossil record? These beings are all Missing Links also. So how many more Missing Links should be added to our estimate? Well, don’t we have to assume that for every mutation that “got it right”, the Theory of Evolution predicts that many, many would have “got it wrong” and thus have died out.

So for each and every direct-line transitional step (Missing Link) from apes to humans, there must have been tens or hundreds of mutations off the direct line. These beings were just as likely to have been fossilized just like the apes or men that did get fossilized. Let’s call these Missing NON-Links. They are definitely missing, but they are not on the “direct chain or lineage” from apes to humans. A wild guess would be that there are thousands upon thousands of these Missing NON-Links, just going from apes to humans.

So far I have talked about Missing Links and Missing Non-Links between apes and humans. But evolution supposedly explains the transition from every species to every other species. Because there are something like 800,000 species, we have to conclude that there are hundreds or thousands of Missing Links and Missing Non-Links for every one of those other species of plants, insects, birds, fish, amphibians, mammals, etc. Otherwise evolution is not true.

How many Missing Links are there? I originally said billions. Can you see where I got that estimate?

Darwin thought the problem of Missing Links would be solved once they discovered more and better fossils. But his problem has only gotten worse. Of all the known fossils today, 99.9% of them have been discovered since Darwin. In other words, we have 1,000 times more fossils today than at Darwin’s time. The more fossils that are discovered and the better preserved they are, the less Darwin’s theory is supported. Missing Links are not being found. Claims of Missing Links exist but in a tiny fraction of the number compared to predictions.

Another problem concerning Missing Links is that there have been many fakes. Unscrupulous scientists wanting fame and fortune have trumpeted their “discoveries” of the Missing Link to prove evolution. Either they were unscrupulous or they had to be totally incompetent, which is unlikely.

As an example, the Nebraska Man was “reconstructed” from a single tooth. In the end it was discovered to be the tooth of an extinct pig. The Piltdown Man was falsified with a human skull and an apelike jaw.

Here’s another argument that should be considered. Suppose someone someday does claim to have dig up another Missing Link. How can they prove it is our ancestor? All you have are some bones. If I went to a cemetery and dug up some bones, what could be proven from looking at those bones? We could know if it was human, if it was a male or female, its size and approximate weight. We could guess at its age and maybe a bunch of other things. But how do you know he/she had any children? You could get DNA off of real bones, but not off of a fossil. You don’t know if this was the ancestor of anybody. You don’t know if their descendants reproduced. Could a fossil woman in Africa really be the great-great grandmother of a fossil woman in China?

All of the so called Missing Links from apes to humans really are only pieces of a skeleton. Look at the famous "Lucy" above. In the left picture are the actual bones and the right is someone's imagination. We don’t have full skeletons. Lucy had no hands or foot bones.

One individual can’t be our ancestor because there had to be male and female and many generations. There should be a whole lot of a particular group of beings, even whole tribes. One very isolated individual can’t logically be an ancestor.

If all they have is pieces of a skeleton, how do you know for sure what the rest of it looked like? How do they know all the pieces belong to the same individual being? They are only guessing. And we know we can’t trust that because of all the hoaxes that have already be passed off as real. If these pieces were really human fragments and they truly survived for millions of years, how come there are not thousands of other pieces that also survived those millions of years. The earth should be covered with human remains and Missing Links. Bones found in England, China, and Indonesia are supposedly millions of years old. However, they were found in damp earth, which is scientifically controversial because they should have decayed.

Look at these human skulls. They are very different, yet they are all human. Can you tell if one is the ancestor of another one? Impossible.

Something else, also, evolutionists are guilty of confusing differentiation within a species with transition between two different species. Some of the fossils in the Wikipedia category of Transitional Fossils (Missing Links) [1] are not intermediates between two different species. They are simply developments within the same species. 

Horses have changed over time. Dogs have changed over time as have most species. But this is NOT evolution between species. No creation scientist or proponent of Intelligent Design denies that there has been differentiation within species. Horses have changed. But they deny that one species becomes another species, which is the essence of the Theory of Evolution. Apes are not the ancestors of humans.

If you take out the faked Missing Links and then the controversial ones between apes and humans, all you really have left are apes and humans with nothing in between but someone’s imagination.

The Theory of Evolution has so many “holes” in it (to coin a phrase) that it should have been debunked 100 years ago. In claiming to follow the “evidence” they have refused to accept the obvious and denied its implications.

One final point. Let’s imagine way,way in the future that you go to a fossil bed and dig up a whole lot of rather simple fossils. Then you arrange them in an order that makes sense to you, putting them in two rational sequences. See the picture below.

The objects in the pictures are much, much less complicated than living animals. Absolutely no respected scientist would claim that these rather simple “fossils” evolved by random mutation and Natural Selection (although I can see Intelligent Selection at work). Therefore, it makes no rational, scientific, or even logical sense for someone to decide that there was no intelligence involved in the creation of all the formerly living beings which became the actual historical fossils that we have today .

There must be God.


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