Friday, August 29, 2014

#67 Blueprints for the Empire State Building

I’m sure you know what blueprints are and have seen them from time to time. Even a simple building takes pages and pages of blueprints for every aspect of the construction.

For this article I want to talk about the Empire State Building in New York City and think about its blueprints. Then I want to compare that building to the human body.

No sane person would ever assert that the Empire State Building happened by accident. It clearly was designed. Just imagine all the blueprints that must have been required in order to construct that building. Floor by floor, it was built from the ground up. There must have been thousands and thousands of pages.

Tremendous planning and organization were involved. They had to have plans for putting in the duct work to circulate the air for people to breathe. They needed a system for air conditioning in summer and heating in winter for every floor. They had to supply water for drinking and plumbing pipes for toilets and sinks on every level. They had to run electrical wires for lighting and power. They needed telephone lines throughout. They needed systems for trash removal, elevators and stairs for people to move up and down. There had to be freight elevators for bringing in desks, furniture, and machinery. It was tremendously complicated.


Now ask yourself, which is more complicated, the Empire State Building or the human body.

The human body has similar systems but even more complicated. The body has lungs for breathing, a water distribution system, a plumbing system, a circulation system for nutrients, a nerve system for communication, a heating and cooling system, a waste disposal system, and many others. It has all the component systems of the Empire State Building and then many more.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the Empire State Building does not move around, but the human body can. The Empire State Building does not eat food and digest it. Its energy source is from the outside.

Another thing, the Empire State Building does not grow. It didn’t start off as a little Empire State Building and grow bigger and bigger each year until it reached its current height of 1,250 feet. The human body grows and changes, so if blueprints were to be made for a human body, there would have to be blueprints for the newborn size, a one year old size, a two year old size, all the way up to adult size.

Here’s another big difference. The Empire State Building cannot reproduce. It can’t have babies. Think about that. How complicated would the blueprints have to be for a reproductive system? Would we have to have male and female buildings?

If the Empire State Building absolutely could not come into existence without having really intelligent designers, even if you wait billions upon billions of years, there is no conceivable way that the human body could have come into existence without an intelligent designer.

There must be God.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

#66 Arrowheads and Stone Bowls

I’m sure you must know what arrowheads are, right? But have you ever thought deeply about the implications of arrowheads. If you find a rock somewhere and you get all excited proclaiming it is an arrowhead, what are you really saying?

What you have is materially only a rock, but it has a particular shape which you think means it is something more. You believe that the current shape is “not natural”, i.e. it could not exist accidentally. You believe without a doubt that an intelligent being, certainly a human being not a chimpanzee intellect, made that rock into that shape.

Why do we think like that?

Is it that you have faith that Nature does not create arrowheads? Or do you know it’s a fact, a scientific truth, that Nature does not create arrowheads?

How about another example, ancient stone bowls? Probably you believe that Nature does not make and cannot make those bowls either. It takes a being with intelligence to create even such a simple bowl.

Evolutionists believe that rocks (given enough time) became human beings without the intervention of any intelligence. They believe rocks became a primordial soup and later that came alive, and then it eventually became people.

If rocks can’t even become arrowheads or bowls without intelligence acting on them, then evolution cannot be true. It’s all faith, not fact. Some intelligent being must exist that did it. Even though we cannot see the actual intelligent being who created an arrowhead, we believe that he or she absolutely existed based on the evidence of the existence of the arrowhead.

What is the nature of that evidence? There are basically two aspects, order and purpose. We see an order that is not found in Nature even though nature is orderly. We also recognize a design and a purpose in the arrowhead. The purpose is invisible, but nonetheless it is very real. The purpose clearly does not emerge from the physical object itself but from the designer of the object.

When there is purpose and design, there is a designer.

There must be God.