Sunday, August 17, 2014

#66 Arrowheads and Stone Bowls

I’m sure you must know what arrowheads are, right? But have you ever thought deeply about the implications of arrowheads. If you find a rock somewhere and you get all excited proclaiming it is an arrowhead, what are you really saying?

What you have is materially only a rock, but it has a particular shape which you think means it is something more. You believe that the current shape is “not natural”, i.e. it could not exist accidentally. You believe without a doubt that an intelligent being, certainly a human being not a chimpanzee intellect, made that rock into that shape.

Why do we think like that?

Is it that you have faith that Nature does not create arrowheads? Or do you know it’s a fact, a scientific truth, that Nature does not create arrowheads?

How about another example, ancient stone bowls? Probably you believe that Nature does not make and cannot make those bowls either. It takes a being with intelligence to create even such a simple bowl.

Evolutionists believe that rocks (given enough time) became human beings without the intervention of any intelligence. They believe rocks became a primordial soup and later that came alive, and then it eventually became people.

If rocks can’t even become arrowheads or bowls without intelligence acting on them, then evolution cannot be true. It’s all faith, not fact. Some intelligent being must exist that did it. Even though we cannot see the actual intelligent being who created an arrowhead, we believe that he or she absolutely existed based on the evidence of the existence of the arrowhead.

What is the nature of that evidence? There are basically two aspects, order and purpose. We see an order that is not found in Nature even though nature is orderly. We also recognize a design and a purpose in the arrowhead. The purpose is invisible, but nonetheless it is very real. The purpose clearly does not emerge from the physical object itself but from the designer of the object.

When there is purpose and design, there is a designer.

There must be God.

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