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#80 Four Fundamental Forces

Scientists say that in the whole vast universe that there are exactly four types of forces. Yes, only four. Pretty amazing since the universe is so unimaginably huge. Over 13.7 billion years old and estimated to be at least 156 billion light years across (NASA says no one knows), and all that running on only 4 forces.

This discussion will examine these forces and argue that they must have all had their origin BEFORE the universe began and OUTSIDE OF the universe. Therefore, this discussion will attempt to show that there must be God because these forces exist and came from some source greater than the universe.

The four types of forces are (1) gravity, (2) electromagnetic forces, and two forces inside of atoms, (3) the strong nuclear force and (4) the weak nuclear force. [1]

                                                 Chart of the forces. [2]

Gravity you are familiar with. It holds everything together. There is no known limit to how far it reaches. How much you weigh is a measure of the force of gravity between the earth and your body. The strength of gravity between the Earth and Moon is estimated at 70 million trillion pounds. If you had to replace it with a long steel pole, you would have to get a pole that is 531 miles in diameter. Think about that! It’s hard to even imagine an invisible force that strong. Another amazing thing about gravity is that it is impossible to make a shield against it. Gravity is felt completely right through any known object.

Electromagnetic force is the force that exists between all particles with an electric charge. It is the basis for about every modern invention and convenience in life. It’s hard to think of anything we use that did not have electricity involved in its creation. Also the very energy that makes up your body and the nerve impulses that move everything, including your heart and brain are all electromagnetic.

The strong nuclear force holds everything together in the nucleus of atoms, the protons and neutrons. It dominates in nuclear reactions and decaying. Relatively speaking it is the strongest of all the forces, however, it only operates over a very short distance within atoms. The weak nuclear force is responsible for certain types of nuclear decay of particles.

Note the very, very precise differences in strength between the forces. If any of them were to vary by the tiniest of strengths, the whole universe would fall apart.

Let’s ask where did these four forces come from and when. Is the Theory of Evolution any help? Absolutely not. It doesn't even get a chance to apply until life has already started and gotten to the stage where it can successfully reproduce using DNA.

Did these four forces come about after the origin of the universe? Nope. Most scientists accept the “Big Bang” as the starting point of the universe. But without the four forces, there could be no universe. Therefore, the four forces had to exist before the universe when there was nothing. We could try to say they came about at the same instant as the universe exploded into being, but we still have to conclude that the four forces were “there” somehow BEFORE the explosion.

Gerald Schroeder, doctorate in physics from MIT, points out these facts in a video. [3]

Omnipresent is a word usually used in the theological context, as in God is omnipresent. Note that the four forces all could be said to be omnipresent. There is no known place in the universe where they don’t operate. They are absolutely everywhere, except possibly a vacuum where there are no particles, but even in a vacuum, gravity could still be there. The four forces are not physical or material, but they operate ON the physical.

All the four forces are also invisible. We can experience or see the effects of the forces but we cannot see the forces themselves. The universe contains time, space, and matter. The four forces are “outside” of time, space, and matter, which is very hard to comprehend since we are “inside”. They operate “on” or “over” the universe, but are not affected by the universe.

I could also make a case that the four forces are “all powerful.” No matter what you do, you cannot break or change the forces, go around the forces, or get outside of the forces. We are, in a way, “dominated” by the four forces. We are subjects to the Laws of Nature that exist. But that’s a good thing. Without them we’d be dead.

How about eternal? Are the four forces eternal? It’s more than likely that they are not going to change as long at the universe continues to exist and they’ve certainly been existing since before the universe. That’s about as eternal as you can get by definition. That’s a very god-like characteristic.

How about infinite? The strong and weak nuclear forces operate over very short distances. But scientists believe that gravity and electromagnetic forces are infinite.

God is often called “unchanging” or “immutable”. Are the four forces “unchanging?” BINGO.

We could even say that the four forces are “just” and “fair”. Everyone is treated equally. You cannot get any more fair than that.

I have been describing some of the laws of physics that are outside the realm of materialism and beyond the universe. I believe that you cannot explain these fundamental forces without resorting to there being a creative designer as the cause. The essence of all things is not within this material universe.

There must be God.

[1] Science Notes: Fundamental Forces of Nature,

[2] Hyperphysics, website hosted by Georgia State University,

[3] Gerald Schroeder, Science Has Finally Proven that Scientifically, There is a God,

Gerald Schroeder holds a doctorate in physics from MIT and has been on staff at the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Volcani Research Institute, the Hebrew University. In this video he gives an incredible explanation on the existence of G-d based on the laws of physics and nature. It all makes sense. You just need to follow his train of thought.

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  1. I agree. The problem with scientists is that they separate "science" from God. But let's be honest here; even scientists cry out to God when their lives are on the line. they don't cry out the standard model or anything else.