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#78 Icons of Evolution

Suppose you are a high school or college science student and you walk into class on the first day. They hand you a brand new science book. You open it up, but inside is the text book from 50 years ago. The President of the United States is Lyndon Johnson. No Internet, no cellphones, VCR’s are not available yet, DVD’s not invented. A minicomputer cost $18,000. There are no personal computers.

How much credibility would you place on the material in that textbook?

What if I told you that current science books are still publishing the same information as 50 years ago about the Theory of Evolution, without any updating with new research? The truth is some of the information has been known to be false for 50 years and yet it has never been removed. One drawing that was known to be false 100 years ago (Haeckel’s embryo drawings) is still being included as truthful. Young minds of today are not being told the accurate scientific truth. Why not?

This Proof for God is going to talk about the explosive truth contained in a book titled, “Icons of Evolution” by Jonathan Wells [1]. This is not a religious book. It’s a science book about truth. Textbooks in school are supposed to tell the truth, right? Taxpayers are footing the bill to have their kids educated not indoctrinated. We should be collectively outraged if Dr. Wells is correct, and he thoroughly documents that he is.

Copyright Icons of Evolution, Page 249

In the back of the book, the author analyzes 10 popular high school textbooks and lays out a clear procedure for giving out grades on the scientific accuracy of the material covering the Theory of Evolution. Seven of the 10 textbooks rated an “F”. 2 graded out at “D-“. One got a “D+”. This is sickening.

Dr. Wells even called them “massive distortions and even some faked evidence.” [2] The book states, “An ‘F’ indicates that the textbook uncritically relies on logical fallacy, dogmatically treats a theory as an unquestionable fact, or blatantly misrepresents published scientific evidence.” [3]

The book was published in 2002 and to be fair, some of those textbook publishers have probably altered their publications. Nonetheless, we now have a great grading system thanks to Dr. Wells in order to judge the truth or falsity of a lot the material that we learned as kids that supposedly proved evolution was true. Wells spends a chapter each on 10 different examples used in textbooks which are false or misleading at best. If you have kids, I hope you will enlighten them about their 50 year old text books.

The worst lie is Heackel’s drawings from back at the time of Darwin. He tried to show that embryos of many very different species are very similar and thus closely related in an evolutionary tree of life. Even 100 years ago it became known that he faked the drawings and that the real embryos are not that similar.

People who have indoctrination in mind understand very well the purpose of having an “icon” or picture that people can easily relate to and thus swallow a complicated concept uncritically. True seekers of truth, which is the supposed calling of scientists, would have protested these drawings for the last 100 years and they would not be in textbooks today. But people with an agenda always bend an inconvenient truth to fit their own ideas. They make a drawing and claim it as fact when it is not.

Here are the 10 “Icons of Evolution” from the book of the same name. All of them are massive distortions or deliberate falsifications. See if you remember any of them from your science classes.

Icon 1: The Miller-Urey Experiment. This experiment in 1952 supposedly showed how life could have originated in an early earth gas mixture that was struck by lightning. Scientists as early as 1960 began to doubt that the elements in the test tube were the actual elements on the earth at the time of the origin of life. Even if the elements were correct, all it did was create a small number out of the many amino acids required for life. That is still light years away from creating a protein. Hundreds of various proteins are required in order for even a single cell to exist.

Icon 2: Darwin's Tree of Life. It supposedly showed how all life originated from a single cell and branched off into all forms of life in later generations. No fossil evidence has ever been found to support Darwin’s tree of life and over 99% of the fossils we now have were discovered since Darwin. It’s a drawing from his imagination. He made it up.

Jody F. Sjogren 2000
Jody F. Sjogren 2000

Icon 3: Homology in Vertebrate Limbs. Because the combinations of bones of various animals seem to be similar and used similarly, this supposedly proves they all descended from a common ancestor. This is obviously a logical fallacy and doesn’t prove anything about ancestry. Cars looks similar but they don’t reproduce, they are created by intelligence. Bats and whales have the same ability of echolocation, but do they come from the same ancestors? No one thinks that.

Jody F. Sjogren 2000

Icon 4: Haeckel's Embryos. Already I discussed how this has been a known fake for 100 years and yet we can’t get rid of it. In the picture above is Haeckel's fakes on the first line and the actual embryo on the middle line.

Icon 5: Archaeopteryx-The Missing Link This fossil was first discovered in 1861 and was touted as the missing link between reptiles and birds, thus proving evolution. There should be millions of missing links but people were satisfied enough to believe in evolution once they could point to this one fossil. Actually a total of 8 of them were found, parts of them anyway, and they were even called “holy relics” and “unimpeachable evidence” by evolutionists. Most paleontologists today, however, do not believe it is the ancestor of any modern birds. There went the missing link.

Jody F. Sjogren 2000

Icon 6: Peppered Moths. This supposedly showed how moths “evolved” because the darker ones would get eaten less if the trees they landed on were dark trees. Changing color may be an adaptation, but it is not evolution. It was also discovered that the original researcher faked his data by gluing the moths on the trees. They don’t really land on those trees.

Jody F. Sjogren 2000

Icon 7: Darwin's Finches. The beaks of finches got bigger in dry seasons when food was less plentiful. This supposedly showed evolution, but it doesn’t because when the rains return, the beaks return to a smaller size. Even if there were permanent change, they are still finches. That’s not evolution.

Jody F. Sjogren 2000

Icon 8: Four-Winged Fruit Flies. Intelligent scientists in a laboratory bred fruit flies so two small appendages grew into the size of extra wings. You can’t prove evolution by applying intelligent breeding. Fruit flies in the wild never develop extra wings. Even for the ones in the lab, the wings were useless and would have been selected out by natural selection as a disadvantage.

Icon 9: Fossil Horses and Directed Evolution. This goes all the way back to a drawing from Othniel Marsh in 1880 supposedly showing the straight-line evolution of small horse fossils to large modern day horses. It turns out the fossil record is not a straight line and it really can’t be used as evidence for or against evolution or intelligent design either.

Jody F. Sjogren 2000

Icon 10: From Ape to Human: The Ultimate Icon. This drawing/icon is especially caught up in the minds of people for several generations. There is no scientific evidence behind this drawing at all. My Proof #1 Male and Female [4] is all about the impossibility of this drawing because it does not show women evolving simultaneously. My Proof #64 on Missing Links [5] goes into the fact that there is no fossil evidence for anything between the chimpanzee and the man.

If the Theory of Evolution rests on these icons for its evidence, it should have been in the dust bin of history already 50 years ago. They are just pictures and drawings. There is no science here.

If this is all the evidence they have for evolution, if this is the best they can do, then game over right now.

A number of evolutionist believers reviewed Dr. Wells book and called him essentially ignorant, stupid, or wicked. He responds to them very adequately in my opinion with scientific evidence. If you are interested in all the arguments, please go to his response: "Critics Rave Over Icons of Evolution". [6]

Once people realize they have been duped by clever marketing using false icons and rabid character assassination of anyone trying to teach the truth, then the Theory of Evolution will be quickly shown to be like the Emperor’s new clothes, nothing there.

The only ultimate explanation of it all is going to turn out that life came from a non-material, very intelligent source.

There must be God.
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